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New Teachers’ Research Feb 2016

New Teachers’ Research and Study Seminar;Feb. 16, 2016(Tue)

Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai encouraged new teachers in student-centered teaching as the most important, pay attention to student teaching, counseling and aesthetic education.
    Teaching Resources Teacher Development Centre cum Asian University, February 16 seminar organized by new teachers, namely, Professor of Psychology flower mao Chen, Distinguished Professor of the Department of luminous flux even Yaonan, Department of Optometry Professor Zheng Hongming etc. 25 New school teacher participants, Asia president Choi embarked welcome new teachers to join the family of Asian universities in the hope of a student-centered, to promote creative teaching methods, individualized to help students grow, create social talent available.
    Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai said, entering the founding 15 years, the efforts of faculty, school performance is outstanding, both at home and abroad are among the best evaluation, won the British newspaper The Times recently ranked as the world's "three hundred large," university, advance global 800 best large university, ranked 670, affirmed by society; the low birth rate trend, intense competition in schools, Asia still recruit excellent teachers, continue to promote one hundred division plan is to strengthen teachers camp, to counsel students teaching; to seek transformation Adah Affiliated hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of hearing cum speech therapy, occupational therapy department, Department of optometry and nursing Department in August this year after the operation, the new Bachelor, actively cultivate medical talents towards sustainable development goals.
    "Asia founding at the beginning, that is, pay attention to aesthetic education, and efforts to strengthen students' moral education!" Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai said that in addition to Asia to build the garden university atmosphere, creating habitats teaching environment, but also attaches great importance to student counseling and aesthetic education, gradually take forward Mishina college, university volunteers and four Creative Academy, training students to become the sun each sub altruistic adults, "when the teacher is the most important teaching!" he encouraged new teachers cite innovative teaching methods, one minute back flip and teaching for individual student characteristics, individualized, inspire students motivation, build confidence in learning.
    New teachers to participate in the study, including the Department of Psychology Professor flower mao Chen, Distinguished Professor of the Department of luminous flux even Yaonan, Department of Optometry Professor Zheng Hongming, a visiting professor at the Department of Finance LATIN Health department Professor Keith constitution, Education Center Associate Professor Xiao Yuzhen, etc. 25 new teachers.
    In order for new teachers as soon as possible to understand and integrate into Asia school characteristics and the environment, organizers have invited Vice Provost Cai Shuo warehouse, school affairs director Zhangshao Liang, Bursar Zhu community Yang, Personnel Office Director Liwei Zong-cum-library, research, academia, Books executives to field service reports.
    "Counseling students to do our best to provide high-quality student counseling, timely appropriate care, it is that each teacher should take responsibility!" Academic Affairs Long Zhangshao Liang said that Asia has a class tutor, mentor and career Man Tuo tutor "three mentor system", according to the development needs of the students, divided in counseling, such as freshman into the campus culture, to explore self-development sophomore, junior development professional orientation, establish a senior career preparation, and provide timely care, in which Man Tuo tutor with the implementation of each semester tutoring week, responsible for counseling students enrollment, and by creating a mentoring relationship and deepen students' professional learning for individual care and counseling.
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Photo: Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai welcomes the new teachers to join Asia University as a big family
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Photo: Academic affairs Zhangshao Liang executives.
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Photo: Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai greetings welcome new teachers.  
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Photo: Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai (front row) and the relevant authorities with new teachers photo.