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New Teachers’ Research Sep 2016

New Teachers’ Research and Study Seminar;Sep. 8, 2016(Thu.)

Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai : "Always the students in the first place!" He encouraged teachers to teaching as the most important to inspire students motivation, confidence!

    Teaching Resources cum Teacher Professional Development Centre Asian University, September 8 held New Teacher Workshops, namely Vice President Wu Tsung-neng, Lin Wei-jun and other 27 New school teacher participants, Asia president Choi embarked welcome new teachers to join Asian university community, and would like to re-student teaching first, the teaching to do our best "to each student as their own children look at, teach!"; Bursar Zhu Yang sector, long Zhangshao Liang and Academic affairs Personnel Office Director Liwei Zong allelic executives attended presentations to help new teachers to fully understand and utilize resources that can quickly adapt to the school environment.

    Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai said, entering the founding 16 years, the efforts of faculty, school performance is outstanding, but also pay attention to the teaching evaluation, both at home and abroad are among the best evaluation by all walks of life to some degree of certainty; the outside world is very curious, Asia is how to do it? In fact, Asia is a clear educational goals, a team player, execution, and tracking, assessment and the ability to reflect, to learn a few days ago in the 105 year consensus camp, turn the educational goals set five years into the world's five hundred big sprint rankings invite new teachers together toward the goal of advancing.

    "Always the students in the first place! No students, no teachers, no school!" Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai mentioned school attaches great importance to student counseling and teaching, with living, academic, employment supervisor, Mandolin teacher to help students solve life, academic and employment issues, he stressed that the most important thing a teacher teaching, this is a concern, responsibility! "He encouraged innovative teaching new teachers, the introduction of e-learning, innovative materials, flip teaching to inspire students to active learning motivation, thereby establishing confidence in learning, curiosity, towards the goal of success, but also to the teacher through teamwork, and other cross-cutting teachers work together, committed to teaching and research, and industry-university cooperation, international moving force for the next generation of education and work.

    Participate in study of new teachers, including Vice President Wu Tsung-neng, Lin Wei Jun, Professor of Information Engineering Department of Xue Rong silver, foreign languages Professor Wu chess, OT Head of the Department Lin Hung-yu, a professor of nursing Hsiao Chiu, Department of Psychology Department of Sun Min Wei, hearing cum Speech Therapy Department Professor Wang Yucai and other 27 new teachers; wherein the former Institute for Information Industry Institute of data Technology and application of Lin Wei Jun, currently employed as Professor Adah administered by the Department, and served as Vice president and Director of the Asia Research Center data greatly.

    In order for new teachers quickly understand Adah school characteristics and the environment, organizers have invited Vice Provost Cai Shuo warehouse, school affairs director Zhangshao Liang, Bursar Zhu community Yang, Personnel Office Director Liwei Zong-cum-library, research, academia, UNCDF Department officer to field service reports. Asia Vice President and Head of the Education Centre Ke Huizhen stressed that the center will fully assist teachers in Career Development adaptability Yang to promote innovative teaching and teaching materials; 21st century learning from life and work, can guide students from outside the classroom Living Learning Services learning to grow.

    "Student Guidance is required to put the most effort of work, but also as a teacher can work to get the most feedback. We look forward to every Adah mentor can lead to the successful growth of the students as the goal of the blog." Learn Counsel Zhangshao Liang said the development of specialized services Minya university work, and invites all new teachers together with tremendous enthusiasm, join the ranks of student counseling.

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Photo: Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai welcomes the new teachers to join Asia University as a big family

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Photo: Professor Huei-Chen Ko describes teaching resources and faculty development center

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Photo: Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai (front right two) and the relevant authorities with new teachers photo.