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New Teachers’ Research Sep 2017

New Teachers’ Research and Study Seminar;Sep. 14, 2017(Thu.)


Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai : "Always the students in the first place!" He encouraged teachers to teaching as the most important to inspire students motivation, confidence!


Asia University, Taiwan Teaching Resources and Teacher Professional Development Center of Asia University On September 14, a series of new teachers' seminars were held. Twenty-five new teachers including Distinguished professors Yin Mei Jin and Chen Xiaoping attended the meeting. Cai Chaizha, Teachers join the family of Asian universities and look forward to focusing on students. Teaching and research will be the first to help students develop their potentials, make progress and further develop in society.


This year's new teacher seminar will be hosted by the leader of the teaching and learning center Chia Han Lin and invited Vice Presidents Shuang Cang Tsai, Jie Long Zhu, the General Director, Shao Liang Chang, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Wei Zong Li, director of the Personnel Office, to give briefings and assist new teachers to fully understand Use of resources, can quickly adapt to the school environment.


Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai, president of the school, said that after entering the school for 17 years, with the efforts of all faculty and staff, school performance is outstanding and various teaching evaluation are also valued. Both domestic and overseas assessment are among the best and are recognized by all walks of life. This year, In addition, a large number of state-run high school students have chosen ADAM. This year, there is also a classmate who first chose to abandon Taiwan University and selected Asia University to receive a freshman's enrollment. Highest 3.6 million yuan scholarship; Asian students continue to improve the quality, and in various international inventions and design competitions, again and again, for 3 consecutive years by the Ministry of Education "Taiwanese students to participate in international competitions in art and design class" first place in the national higher education system , As teachers continue to upgrade their research energy, such as the Department of Science and Technology applied to apply for the theme of the Ministry of Science and Technology Program, a total of 107 were passed in 106, the country ranked fifth!


"No students, no teachers and no schools!" Principal Cai said that the school attaches great importance to the guidance and teaching of students. It has three tutors of life, study and employment, as well as the mandarin teacher, Help students solve problems such as life, schoolwork and employment. When the teacher is the most important is the teaching, hoping new teachers innovative teaching, reference PBL teaching method, flip teaching, inspire students to motivate the initiative to learn, to establish lifelong active learning, independent thinking and problem solving skills, out of society, have sufficient ability Fast, uncertain times.


Today, a total of 25 lecturers participated in the seminar including Mei Jin Yin, a professor in the department of food nutrition and health technology, a professor in the social work department, Chen Xiaoping, assistant professors Huang Shizi and Chen Xiaoqing in the nursing department and Qiao Ling Lin in the nursing department. New teachers attend the meeting.


In order to enable new teachers to understand the characteristics and environment of ASU as soon as possible, the organizers invited Deputy Director-General Shuang Cang Tsai, Academic Dean Shao Liang Chang, General Manager Jie Yang Zhu and Personnel Director Wei Zong Li and Head of Library, Research and Development, Industry and Information Technology Office Field report business. Another invited Light Department Kexian Confucianism Speaker: Project-Based Learning set by the Department of Design Zhu said: Design-Based Learning, and the other invites Hu Ruomei Department of Health, Department of Biology Yao Yali teacher, Recreation Department Tong Qiuxia teacher to share "Teaching Excellence Award", " Research Excellence Award "and" Industry Excellence Award "experience.


"ASU has always received positive feedback and praise from students, parents and the community for its excellent and prompt care and guidance!" Dean Shao Liang Chang, explaining the characteristics of academic work, said that we must not only continue In order to maintain this tradition, we must also keep pace with the times and innovate in the coaching strategy. Apart from the hard work of the Academic Affairs Office colleagues, we also need the assistance and input of all teachers.

Photo:Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai welcomed new teachers to join the Asian University family.


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Photo:Professor Jeffrey J.P.Tsai, president of Asia University (front row) and other relevant executives and teachers this year, a new photo.



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Photo:Asia University organized new teachers seminar, hosted by the leader of the Center for Education and Development, Chia Han Lin , to introduce the business center.


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Photo:Academic Dean Shao Liang Chang and other executives in the new teacher seminar report business.